Let Us Serve You Better

We would love the opportunity to see if we can serve you better by maximizing your therapy and family time, facilitating your professional growth while at the same time keeping more of your money in your pocket.


We are always looking to add talent to our team!

Are you an ALC, LPC, LMSW, LICSW, LMFT, or AMFT....we may have a job opportunity for you!
  1. A team of receptionists and an office manager schedule your clients, take co pays, and bill insurance companies. One significant advantage of having a receptionist team is that they attempt, and are often able, to fill same-day cancellations. So while the therapist is conducting therapy, the reception team is working to minimize schedule holes.
  2. An electronic healthcare record with telehealth is provided. Utilities/internet is covered in the rent payment.
  3. An individually assigned office.
  4. Individual credentialing with insurance panels.

Enjoy these amazing benefits

We Don't Touch Your Money

When we bill an insurance company or take a copay, it comes directly to you or your LLC. You pay us at the end of the month.

Work & Home Life Balance

You control your schedule and time off. The room rental rate is determined by the schedule you want to work.  


We Work with Our Therapists to Chase Excellence in Therapy

We want to maximize the amount of income a therapist takes home. Therapists get charged a flat rate for rent, not a percental. If you wish to take more clients, you take home all of that extra pay.

What can you make at Care? Give us a call, and we'll set up a time to talk.